Friday Bullets: Late Edition

  • Lindsay William-Ross and Elise Thompson have an uncustomarily negative review up at LAist of “Krust,” a Burbank cafe/bakery, that provided them with such piss poor customer service they never even tasted the food… which actually makes for a food review worth reading! Drama!
  • New blog from the folks at Curbed: Racked LA will focus on shopping and storefronts around Los Angeles.
  • Neil at Citizen of the Month is a participating writer in the Choose Your Own Blogventure project, which turns the “round robin” style of writing on its head.
  • Do you think Red Licorice should be called licorice at all, since it doesn’t actually have any licorice in it? Answer this question at Cybele May’s Candy Blog and you can win a gift pack of the waxy candy.
  • Stephen Blackmoore at LA Noir reminds us today is the anniversary of Johnny Stompanato’s untimely murder – surely he had a few more years of beating girlfriend Lana Turner in him!
  • Eric Spillman at KTLA wrote about layoffs earlier this week at KCAL 9 & CBS 2: “some of those who were fired came in to work Monday only to be told they had a ‘special assignment’.  The assignment turned out to be a meeting with the boss, who then informed them they were no longer employed.”

2 thoughts on “Friday Bullets: Late Edition”

  1. Actually, I think Lindsay and Elise really did ingest food at Krust on more than one occasion, but each time the attitude got in the way. There’s even a photo on the tuna sandwich that Elise will miss “most of all”.

  2. Hey, thanks for the link love, but one major correction on our Krust-y drama: We most definitely tasted the food! On both my visits, as well as Elise’s visits we ate the food. However, on our most recent visit we opted to take the food to go rather than remain in the restaurant while the owner quite literally yelled at us, and while she gathered the whole staff in the kitchen to talk and point at us. Decent paninis, overly herbed mac & cheese, decent baked goods.

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