Eric Garcetti is the L.A. City Nerd

eglacn.jpgDuring an interview I had with City Council President Eric Garcetti a few days ago (at the political blog I write for KNBC), I had the opportunity to confirm what I’ve longed believed: he is/was the L.A. City Nerd.

What tipped me off, besides everyone knowing that the City Nerd must have been some sort of City Hall insider, was that the City Nerd went offline almost the very day Garcetti joined the Barack Obama campaign. Add this to the numerous occasions when City Nerd would appear as a “guest blogger” on Garcetti’s Council District 13 site, it was obvious.

When I brought it up, Garcetti was forthcoming, although I don’t know if he knew it was on the record, or that I was recording him… alas, I hope I’m not getting him into trouble for revealing this.

Listen to his admission here.

Add this to the list of reasons to look forward to in November ’08: after the election is over, hopefully Garcetti will resume his blogging as the L.A. City Nerd.

Oh yeah – and on behalf of Eric Garcetti and LA City Nerd, April Fools! 

11 thoughts on “Eric Garcetti is the L.A. City Nerd”

  1. I always figured that the Nerd’s sudden shutdown had something to do with his City of LA employment, but I didn’t go so far as to suspect that the Nerd was a Councilperson.

  2. I almost bit, until I looked at the post it on my monitor that says, “Hey! If it’s too good to be true today, it is. Don’t get Rickrolled. signed, me.”

  3. I never saw the City Nerd as giving out top sekret info, so if it ever came out that it actually was an elected official, I’d have no problem about it.

    Come to think of it, I’m hard pressed to think of why I’d be opposed to an elected official blogging anonymously at all. There are probably some good reasons, but I’m generally in favor of more, rather than less, information.

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