64 Worst: Mayor Villaraigosa vs. Tagging


Which is worse: Mayor Villaraigosa or Tagging?

Antonio Villaraigosa promised to build a subway to the sea, and increase funding for public schools. He would clean up Skid Row and take back the city from gangs. He would make Los Angeles the greenest big city in America. Then, he spent his time in office going shopping with Mirthala, and road-tripping with Hillary.

Tagging is a graffiti writer’s personalized signature that can be found on any public or private surface, AKA vandalism. A 15-year-old tagger named “Zoner” went mainstream in ’07 when he famously tagged Villaraigosa’s bus while the mayor was at the Santee Education Complex in South L.A. to celebrate the relocation of a bus stop out of gang territory. Zoner was sent to his room, and the mayor went back to shaking hands and kissing reporters.

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8 thoughts on “64 Worst: Mayor Villaraigosa vs. Tagging”

  1. Another tough choice. I had to go with tagging. Eventually, Tony V will leave office. Tagging, unfortunately, will go on forever.

  2. Are we really out of bad things about LA? Those are two of the GOOD things about LA.

  3. Tagging hands down. Tony V may not be doing his job, but at least he isn’t denying us from things we already have. Tagging is the reason why we can’t have nice things like freakin’ murals on our freeways.

  4. Got to agree with phaser21: graf is a wonderful form of public art. MAV has done many a good thing for the city and will continue to do more.

    I’ve noticed b.la has gotten more right-wingy in the last year or so. I know that it’s just the various author’s perspectives.


  5. A lot of taggers may be graceless, but graffiti and street art is an awesome expression by the people. I’m unwilling to do a single thing that discourages it any more than it already is. And anyway, Independence Rock in Wyoming is covered by the scrawls of taggers – from 170 years ago as they passed on the Oregon Trail and now it’s a historic landmark. How come the furtive marks of bygone hordes are revered while the same from modern disenfranchised youth is reviled?

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