Think Blue!

Not only did the Dodgers win their opening game this season, they did it by beating the hated San Francisco Giants.

Oh, and did I mention that they shut them out? Yeah, the final score was 5-0. Bite it, Giants!

In an interesting bit of trivia goodness, I just heard on TV that the Dodgers beat the Giants 50 years ago today, which obviously means that we should just pull out our record books from 1958 and place our bets for the rest of the year accordingly.

Also, as the season drags on, and the Dodgers are stranding 14 runners as they go down in flames to teams that your company’s softball team would beat, remember this: The Dodgers shut out the Giants on opening day. Trust me, we’re going to want to hold on to this one.

6 thoughts on “Think Blue!”

  1. I’m not sure Rodger understood the spirit in which “Bite it, Giants!” was offered. I’m nearly positive that wasn’t intended to be vitriolic.

    I know I’m not the only person excited about new Dodger, Chin-lung Hu. I hope he does well, and is able to stay with the club all season. When he got a single late in the game I cracked myself up by shouting, “Hu’s on first!” That’s going to please me (and possibly only me) every time it happens this year.

    With warmth and camaraderie directed at my friends to the north: Bite it, Giants!

  2. Somewhere at home I’ve got the highlight record from the 1958 season, I put it on to see how it turned out and unfortunately the Dodgers finished in 7th place (it was an 8 team league with no divisions), while the Giants finished 3rd.

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