Monday Morning ‘Minders

64 Worst Things About L.A.
In case you missed it, polls are still open for some of the 64 Worst entries, including two from this weekend:

We’re not even halfway through the first round of this series, so keep checking back to help us narrow down the field!

New Author recruitment drive
Later today we’ll begin sorting through submissions for new Metblogs authors. If you want to drop your name into the hat, check out this post.

What did you do this weekend?
Were any readers part of the 100,000 strong crowd at the Coliseum Saturday for the Red Sox vs. Dodgers game? Worse, anyone get caught in the traffic? Or did anyone see or do anything else worth boasting (or complaining) about?

5 thoughts on “Monday Morning ‘Minders”

  1. Didn’t get to enjoy the game Saturday, but I had a great 32-mile bike ride Sunday morning from Silver Lake that topped out above Descanso Gardens in La CaƱada and then came back down to earth for a stretch across Eagle Rock to Highland Park with lunch at the Cypress Park King Taco before heading home.

    And I got into only one verbal altercation with an assbiting horn-happy roadhogging motortard. YAY! But it was probably vehement enough to keep two of the guys I was riding with for the first time from ever wanting to ride with me again… unless I sign some sort of pledge to STFU.

  2. Can I just say how much I love the 64 Worst things. I’ve been obsessing over them and have a ton of blog posts to address them. And each time I do another one pops up with one of my I Can Do Without This Crap item.

  3. OMG, yes. I got caught in the massive mess after the Sherman Oaks freeway shooting. I don’t have to deal with much daily traffic, but man, when I get caught in gridlock it is the best you can find out there.

  4. I had the good sense to skip the mayhem at the Coliseum on Saturday, opting instead for yesterday’s game at Dodger Stadium. Because all the knuckleheads packed the game on Saturday, Sunday in Chavez Ravine was nearly perfect. Only a little more than half sold, so parking was a breeze, good seats available at the box office, and the day was gorgeous. The 8-0 shut-out was a bonus (even if it was pre-season and didn’t count.)

    I can think of few better ways to spend a Sunday afternoon than sitting in the sun with friends at Dodger Stadium. Then all you need is a cool breeze, a cold beer and a hot dog.

  5. I was in Phoenix watching my alma mater, UCLA, make it to the Final Four for a 3rd year in a row. Nothing beats getting wasted and breaking out into random 8 claps in a bar wih fellow die-hard fans. Go Bruins!

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