Get On the Bus! for a Rock’n’Roll Tour

joan jett and lita fordEsotouric isn’t just a great tour company. I consider Kim & Richard–who helm the ops–to be fellow travelers, in our love for this city and in our appreciation for what lies beneath the surface. So I’m always championing every little thing they do, from to their efforts at historic preservation and their fantastic tours. But this particular tour they’re leading this Friday Saturday (wooopsie!) is super-special, because it focuses on two things I love: LA, and music.

The “Where The Action Was” rock tour, partnering with & starting off from Amoeba, covers everything from Beatlemania to folk rock, glitter rock & punk: teen riots at the closing of Pandora’s Box (inspiration for Buffalo Springfield’s “For What It’s Worth”) ; the latenite Canter’s Deli scene (eventual home of the Wallflowers), underage groupies at Rodney’s English Disco…I’m fascinated by this stuff. This makes history FUN. Plus they’ll cover the great clubs, recording studios, boutiques, hipster hangs, radio stations and record stores from those crazy days.

Because they’re nice they relented & gave me a pair of tix to give away to bLA readers! Get your chance to win ’em after the jump!

Esotouric handed the tix over on one condition: that we make a super-hard question for you to answer. BUT, if you were there, you’ll know the answer right away (if you weren’t too loaded to remember). So, email me (send your answers to lucindamichele [at] gmail [dot] com) your answer to this:

Three of the following four Sunset Strip locations featured on the Where The Action Is tour are associated with the 1970s groupie scene. Pick the one that isn’t:

a. Rodney’s English Disco
b. Continental Hyatt House
c. Dino’s Lodge
d. The Rainbow

**Answers placed in the comments will NOT be considered.**

Pic of Joan Jett & Lita Ford by Jenny Lens. Check out her site & buy her books! She rawks! Also she’s got some super-sexy pics of adorable Pleasant Gehman in her online archive, and I (and other bloggers here) have always considered Plez a heroine of mine. Rock.