Foot Fetish Show


I like my feet. I like to get pedicures and paint my nails, usually red. I like to wear sandals and yes, on more than one occasion I’ve had a stranger (always a man) comment on how lovely my feet are. Once, I even had a very conservative man, dressed in a business suit, come up to me while I was ordering lunch and tell me that he hoped I had a boyfriend who worshiped my feet because they were mighty enticing. I got my lunch and skedaddled. I don’t know why it unnerved me so much to think of him fantasizing about my toes, but it did.

So if you’re one of those lucky few who are turned on by feet, you’re gonna love this exhibition: “Fools for Feet” opening on April 1st at the Antebellum Gallery, 1643 N. Las Palmas Ave, in Hollywood. They are advertising it as the first exhibition dedicated to the beauty of the sole. The Antebellum Gallery is a fetish gallery so it should be a wild event. The opening runs from 6-9pm with a five dollar cover. Oh and wearing flip-flops…. or at least sandals is encouraged! And if you are so inclined, there’s all kinds of other events while the show runs through May 1, like, Foot Worshippers Tea Party, Tickle and Torture and Foot Lover’s Workshop!