End of an Era for Angelenic


It looks like the guys over at Angelenic are hanging up their keyboards – or, at least, using them less. The little blog that could focuses on Downtown Los Angeles, and it grew into somewhat of an authority over the past year on new development and restaurant openings. Stephen Friday has moved on, and while Rich Alossi maintains in his latest post that he will still give updates from time to time, it sounds like life has caught up to two writers who turned their love of DTLA into a daily journal of its growth.

When you read a blog on a regular basis you are never truly prepared for it to be over. In 2008, it’s like your hometown newspaper saying they’re done. Sure, it’s happened before. But, it still leaves that empty feeling in your stomach. The sad reality is that this will happen again. It will happen to Defamer. Blogdowntown. LAist. Caroline on Crack. Curbed. It will happen to the biggest of webzines, and the littlest blogs. It, too, will happen to MetblogsLA. Not today. But, some tomorrow.

I want to thank Rich and Stephen publicly for their dedication as friends and citizens of L.A., in this, my very own last post on mbLA. Recent developments in my own life have forced me to scale back on a few things as well and unfortunately, I will not have time to contribute further to the site. The authors here are like family, and have made a profound influence on me and the way I see this city. I wish them, and you, well.

5 thoughts on “End of an Era for Angelenic”

  1. I’m sorry to see you go Jason. Your posts were always thought-provoking, and we’ll be all the poorer (intellectually) without them.

  2. Jason, that sucks! And I mean that in the most respectful way possible and with the hope that the recent developments constricting you will slacken soon. Loved your posts and your energy, dammit. Hate to see you go, dammit.


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