Can you write a screenplay in 30 days?

I know it sounds like an April Fools gag, but the folks at Script Frenzy are serious about seeing you write a screenplay between April 1st and 30th. I wrote about the last Script Frenzy in June of 2007, so here’s a rehash:

The way it works is beginning April 1st, you start hammering away on your screenplay. Every so often (day, week, whatever) you upload what you’ve written to Script Frenzy, which keeps track of how many words you’ve written. If you write 20,000 words, or 100 pages – what they estimate to be the length of an average feature screenplay – you can call yourself a Script Frenzy “winner”.

To keep you going, fellow writers meet on their very active message boards sharing writing tips, boosting each other’s egos, and trying to keep themselves and everyone else from falling by the wayside.

If you need some face time with fellow hacks, member Samproof is assembling “write-outs/meetups” over the weekends at Solar de Cahuenga in Hollywood.

And what better timing to write a screenplay? Aren’t you still inspired by the awesomeness of the WGA during the strike?

One thought on “Can you write a screenplay in 30 days?”

  1. Talk about strange. I found your post while trying to Google my own blog titled: Writing a Screenplay in 30 Days.

    Amazing timing. I knew about NaNoWriMo, but I had no idea that this was going on (Chris Baty is also involved with Script Frenzy). In fact, I just signed on because of this post, and I need to thank you.

    When I started my own goal of writing a screenplay for exactly the same timeframe as Script Frenzy, I thought it would be interesting to document my experience in a blog. I hope that it will end up reading like a story by itself.

    I’m not sure if anybody has done anything like this before (in terms of documenting their month long writing experiences). By all means, let me know – it would be interesting to see.

    Check it out! Feedback/Comments are obviously welcomed.


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