64 Worst: McMansions vs. People Who Don’t Pick Up Their Dog’s Poop


A Mansion is defined as “a very large, impressive, or stately residence.” A McMansion is defined by the OED as “A modern house built on a large and imposing scale, but regarded as ostentatious and lacking architectural integrity.” McMansions are generally built by developers in large subdivisions to appeal to…to…uh…people who think they are moving into a large, impressive or stately residence. Like porn, you know a McMansion when you see one. Buy hey, if people want to live in cookie cutter houses in Stepford like comfort, more power to you. However, if you want to come to my neighborhood full of sweet 1930’s and 1940’s houses, knock one down and fill the entire lot with a cheap ass Tudor-ish or faux plantationesque house, please, move to Texas or you may find dog poop thrown in your back window. (I would have thrown it into your backyard, but you don’t have one.)

Where would I find this dog poop as a non-dog-owning person? Why on the sidewalk or my front lawn, of course! Because that certain someone believes he or she is too French well-heeled to actually dispose of feces with their hands and a plastic bag. I like dogs, but I don’t own one because I don’t like dealing with poop on a large scale. (Trust me, cat litter scooping is much easier…) If you are going to own a dog and walk the dog in public, you must clean up after your dog. Why is this so confusing to some of you? Just do it! Don’t make me get all Cesar Milan on your ass.

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14 thoughts on “64 Worst: McMansions vs. People Who Don’t Pick Up Their Dog’s Poop”

  1. Put me down for people who do not pick up their dog’s poop as worse than those who live in McMansions.

    As for the neighbor who does not pick it up, return it to them. I’d bet they’d pick it up if it were on their lawn.

  2. Dog poop will stick to your shoe–but McMansions stick to your retinas. They’re also resource hogs. It’s a lot easier to dispose of a neighbor’s dog’s poop than it is a neighbor’s gawd awful architectural monstrosity.

  3. My friend’s 4000 s.f. McMansion costs $1000-$1500/month to air-condition in the summer. I’d rather step in dog poop than hear her complaining about it.

  4. McMansion are easy to spot and ignore. They’re also the result of citizens not being more involved in local government – you have noone to blame but yourself.

    Unpicked up dog poop, on the other hand, is the result of lazy, selfish scumbags who know better. These are the same people who took advantage of the McMansion explosion while you were looking the other way and cleaning the crap off your shoe.

  5. McMansions get my vote. So big they change the skyline and cause us to lose our views of the mountains. Big enough on the slopes they detract from what nature gave us as well. Can’t we leave just a little green and views for the future?

    They are huge energy wasters. Between heating and cooling they tax our aging power grid. Their carbon footprint as a result is much greater than a more modest house.

  6. I think this was probably the toughest match-up so far in Round 1 (as evidenced by the 50/50 split in the voting.) I hate ’em both.

    I had to go with the the McMansions. If I get irritated enough with the dog poop, at least I can pick it up myself (while shouting expletives and leaving the poop on the offender’s doorstep.) With the McMansion, all I can do is stay pissed until someone buys it and the lots on either side, tears down everything, and builds something three times as big and ugly.

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