64 Worst: LAUSD vs. Lack of a Middle Class

What makes living in L.A. more unbearable, LAUSD or the lack of a middle class?

I asked some fellow teachers, “In one quick sentence, what is the worst thing about LAUSD?”

Their responses?

• “LAUSD is too big.”

• “LAUSD is too bureaucratic.”

• “LAUSD lacks a clear vision.”

• “There is too much outside interference by superiors.”

• “LAUSD is the DMV, court, and post office, rolled into one.”

• “The worst thing is that one sentence is not enough to describe how bad it is.”

On the other hand, we have the lack of a middle class. If we take the middle class to mean those households with incomes between $35 and $75 thousand, then only 30% of LA qualifies.

The lack and diminution of the middle class is having a negative impact on our local economy. But LAUSD is undermining our ability as a society to develop a thriving middle class by providing a shoddy education to a generation of students unprepared for higher education.

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9 thoughts on “64 Worst: LAUSD vs. Lack of a Middle Class”

  1. I think the lack of a middle class is a symptom of a poor education system here in L.A. – fix the LAUSD, you may be able to do something about the disparity.

    Alas, the LAUSD is worse, because its tangible, and there’s so little being done to fix it.

  2. Wait, so roughly 1/3 of LA’s population is middle class, so how is that a lack of a middle class? Also I don’t consider people who make 100k a year upper class. I think your definition of middle class is way off.

  3. i don’t like to believe i’m part of the problem. i’m trying to fix things. i work with inner city kids. i’m not the problem. dammit. step into my shoes, and try to look me in the eye and tell me i’m part of one of the worst parts of los angeles.

    i understand that i am not lausd. but as a teacher, when you say the system i work in is broke, you’re saying i’m not part of the solution.

  4. i’m trying to teach my kids empowerment. they haven’t been told that they’re important or viable. we have a huge amount of resources in our hands. we need to break out of the cycle of poverty and accept what we’ve got and make that middle class.

    educating other people’s children is never an easy task. and it has been broken since it’s inception.

  5. Lack of Middle Class = Return to historical norms. Meh.

    Ongoing failure of LAUSD = eventual riot by drug crazed, illiterate children and the end of civilization as we know it.

    Or something like that…

  6. As an LAUSD mom, my second grader goes to our local school; 414 student body, 92% title one (meaning they are poor and can get a free lunch. Why any parent would take what the district calls a lunch even if it is free is another story), 67% English learner, API 72; I am rather happy with the school (micheltoren Street in Silver Lake) with local district 4 and LAUSD as a whole. (yes we have had problems, but I found the right person to call and most of the problems have been fixed) The fact that the local “middle class” (note- according the income breakdown, many middle class families, depending on how many kids they have, are considered title one) finds ways to not send their kids to our school, paying up to $25,000 per child for privet school, just means we don’t have to put up with the high maintenance parents and we don’t lose our title one money (which pay for sooo much at our school- full time nurse, music teachers, computers, and the like- with out parents needing to buy wrapping paper or towels with the schools name on them)

  7. LAUSD wins in a landslide. I went thru the system….honestly I would fear going thru it now. Knowing quite a few people who work for LAUSD and hearing their experiences with LAUSD. They reiterate how LAUSD continues to perpetuate it’s antiquated ways.

    A lot of the kids nowadays have no respect for the teachers and know how to “work” the system, so that even teachers that try to help them get screwed.

    To be honest it seems really hard to get anything resolved within LAUSD so pretty surprised that ‘dorit’ was able to track the right person and get the problems resolved. Was this before all the budget cuts? I recently had to help a family member call to be able to find out about his pension because he kept getting the run around. We never got the answer, the lawyer even tried and could not get the actual information.

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