Why Yes, It Was Tsunami Awareness Week

OK, show of hands: who here knew it was Tsunami Awareness Week? Well, it was, from last Sunday through yesterday. But the live tsunami awareness testing was done in Humboldt County. Which would make sense if Crescent City, the town wiped out in 1964 by a tsunami, was in that county. It isn’t. Crescent City is in Del Norte county. I wonder if the Governator knew that?

Additionally, there is NO easily located information on the state Office of Emergency Services webpage which deals with tsunami awareness/preparedness. This is in direct conflict with a 2005 Tsunami Findings report that the state completed after the 2004 disaster in Southeast Asia. The 2005 report says that “Californians are not adequately educated about tsunamis and the risk they pose; consequently, many are unaware how to respond to natural or official tsunami warnings.” Has this changed in the last three years? Has anyone in L.A., or the more at-risk areas outside the bay, seen more efforts on education or preparedness?

Anyways. It is worth checking out the 2005 Tsunami Findings report, if only to see the photos put in for added impact of tsunami damage. It is doubtful that a wave would ever hit Los Angeles. But if it did, how aware are we?