Happy Birthday, César Chávez!

Migrant Farm Workers

Well, Angelenos, you restored my faith in you. You decided that the term “illegals” is worse than “illegal immigration” itself. Perhaps you learned from Oklahoma’s economic missteps.

In honor of all the people who pick your grapes, wash your dishes, and blow your leaves, tomorrow is César Chávez Day.

The holiday is recognized by the state of California, and all state government offices, community colleges, and libraries are going to be closed. Schools, however, will not be. Be aware that some schools will have student-staged walk-outs; many students will simply not show up.

As for me, I will celebrate by wearing traditional Mexican clothing. Instead of leading a walk-out, I will stage a teach-in. Instead of typical math lessons, we will have a lesson on the economic impact of “illegal” immigration, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, along with a mini-bio of the main man himself.

Oh, and I won’t be eating any grapes.

Image from Flickr user Bob Jagendorf under a CC license

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, César Chávez!”

  1. I’ve been surprised by the snideness of folks who call into question today’s holiday celebrating Cesar Chavez – it’s weird. The more holidays the better! I don’t care about George Washington but I’m happy to take his birthday off for my own personal celebrations!

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