Ghostland Observatory & DJ Travis Keller @ the Fonda

ghostland for blaSo this Friday on the 18th, Ghostland Observatory (myspace) (quite possibly one of the coolest band names in recent memory) brings their bombastic, spastic rock-god twosome selves to the Fonda along with bLA alum & Buddyhead Records co-founder DJ Travis Keller (he’s an awesome photog too). Pardon me for saying so, but this may be one of the sexiest shows to go down in LA in a long-ass time. If you love a good rock show, I advise you to secure tix immediately, get your fine selves to the show, sing, dance & drop your pants. Enjoy some cocktails, because we all know it’s not a party until someone gets a head wound (as I can attest).

Wanna go? Too broke from your glamorous rock star lifestyle to buy tickets? Too drunk to type your credit card into the ticketmaster website? No problem! We’ve got several pairs to give away. Add a comment below telling me what YOU think is the best band name EVAR. It can be a real band or one you made up. Our panel of seasoned professionals will consult, debate, & decide upon a winner by Thursday. Make sure to leave your real email, so I can contact you & get your full name (to put on the Goldenvoice list) if you win: I’ve dealt with way too many idiots who enter to win & then leave me a fake name and a bogus email addy. Way to go, buddy.

11 thoughts on “Ghostland Observatory & DJ Travis Keller @ the Fonda”

  1. Always wanted to see Ghostland again since their amazing show at the History Museum a couple years back!

    Best band name: 10ft Ganja Plant

    Cool reggae stylin from Hawaii!

  2. I love Ghostland Observatory ever since running into their Conan performance.

    My science nerd self always wanted to name a band Endoplasmic Reticulum.

  3. Late entry! WooHOO! I do love the Ghostland Observatory though…

    I think a great band name would be

    “Mad Cow Massacre”

    But of course, only if the music was nice and funky…

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