Friday Yard Sales


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I don’t know about the rest of the city, but in Lincoln Heights yard sales seem to be most common on Fridays. I’m not sure why that is (payday?) but on any given Friday you’ll see a few yards full of stuff someone is trying to exchange for extra cash. There’s a few houses that do it every week and nobody seems to complain; in this neighborhood people understand the concept of trying to make ends meet. While some may object to this type of weekly scene, I appreciate the way it brings people together, offering a reason for neighbors to interact with each other. And once that initial contact with other local residents has been overcome, normal neighborly relations can commence.

3 thoughts on “Friday Yard Sales”

  1. In my neighborhood in Pedro we have Friday and other weekday yard sales, but a lot of it is “just fell off the truck” stuff like power tools and cleaning supplies. I have one neighbor who has a junk/yard sale every weekend, though. He’s also trying to sell his half-house on a half-lot for $420,000 in cash, so he’s a bit crazy.

  2. I love yard sales. The only thing new I buy is food.

    When I lived in Los Feliz along Los Feliz blvd people were having these all of the time, especially around time when rent was due.

    I got this awesome faux fur coat for two dollars.

    You know in NY you can furnish your whole apartment with items other poeple throw out, because they have so little space that you make money by just giving stuff away, because taking stuff away is very expensive or more expensive than just giving it to someone.

    My super/landlord made yardsales illegal at my old building, which pissed me off. When I had my fire sale when I moved I was not able to have it on the yard, so I had to do it in my living room, someone could have chopped me up in little pieces, but at least I wasn’t a blight on the neighborhood.

    I do craigslist alot now, its a little impersonal.

    People in downtown don’t really do yardsales, since no one has a yard, but on the eastside I’ve seen yardsales in Boyle Heights, but on Sunday. I’m not looking on Fridays, but I’ll keep an eye out for more crap other people don’t want on Fridays or possibly I’ll swing by Lincoln Heights.

    And hopefully no one on craiglist will kill me, because the computer equipment I sell is quality.


  3. Yard sales are an awesome way to meet neighbors and engage in prolific chisme exchange. Also, I’ve picked up really cool stuff in Lincoln Heights because most people tend to choose new over old and I like the old stuff. An exception was the cholo who stopped at one of my yard sales and bought everything that was vintage and/or antique, everyone else thinks that stuff is basura.

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