Can’t I just be sick in peace?

dayquil1.jpg This last week just kicked my ass.  Started with an impacted fractured molar getting removed, layer on escalating pollen counts (try sneezing when you can’t open your mouth and have a wad of gauze in sometime).  By Thursday I felt like a bucket of used assholes and came down with a wicked cold/flu virus.  You get the picture, not whining just laying out the facts.

At about 3:20 pm under my blanky on the couch when there is a knock at the front door.  The boys and I are watching the telly (Top Gear on BBCA which  I highly recommend).  My Mike opens the door and damn…its that damn all dressed in black waving “jesus de christo” badges and the 2 gals are trying to get in.  I sit up and tell them “just tell them to leave, just leave the property don’t say a word just leave.”  I tell Mike to close the door, he does and I lie down to die slowly coughing up my right lung for the umpteenth time. Not 5 minutes pass and my youngest says Dad…someone is going into the back yard.  Sure enough they are working their way into the back yard.  Fine, the back gate is closed no problems they should just leave. 

Click, squeek…WTF!!

I get up of the couch and see they walked the 75 down the drive, into the back yard, opened the patio gate and were going into my office/game-room.

I open the back door and asked, not so very nicely…”what are you doing back here”.

The older school Marmy one says, “we’re here to offer a service”.  BS I reply, “get the hell off my property you were told once to leave.” 

Marmy goes “you can’t do that there might be someone living there”.  WTF…”Don’t locked gates mean anything to you?!  This is my property and you were told once to leave.”

Adrenaline is an amazing thing, cut right through the ‘quil haze and had me lucid enough to give them an ass eating they won’t soon forget as I escorted them to the street.  The final parting shot “have a nice day”.  Feeehhhhhh – “I had a nice going until you assholes decided to trespass and ruin my nap”.

I turned around to go back into the house when MPD showed up.  My oldest listened and called 911 with a prowler report.  Heh…damn trespassers.   Is it possible to file a restraining order against an entire congregation?

Now am tired, taking another dose of the ‘quil and clear out some more of my tivo backlog.

3 thoughts on “Can’t I just be sick in peace?”

  1. They were just lucky it was you, not me.

    I just spent a week in the hospital on IV fluids, antibiotics and morphine, then another week at home on Percocet and antibiotics, trying to eat enough to keep the pills down despite everything tasting like it’s coated in salt.

    I’d’ve probably taken a baseball bat to them and blamed it on the narcotics.

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