It Caught My Eye: Beef / Ham Fountain

yumI’ve been passing Papoo’s Hot Dog Show on Riverside in Toluca Lake for months now, since I started working in the area about six months ago. I love their signage: happy hot dogs with daschund faces and sunglasses, one with angel wings flying over the front door–hot dogs always seem to inspire such a love of anthropomorphism in advertising. And a hot dog “show”? Do they dance? Strip? Some cabaret, perhaps? But what slips past a lot of people–blinded as they are by the glory of the angelic hot dog–is the sign that says “Beef Ham Fountain.”

Forget dancing hot dogs. I want to see the Beef Ham Fountain! Mmmm, fountains of MEAT!

But…no bacon fountain? I’d buy a bacon fountain. Screw those chocolate fountains. One more pic behind the jump.
papoos close up

11 thoughts on “It Caught My Eye: Beef / Ham Fountain”

  1. I drive by that place all the time and every time I see that sign, I shout “BEEFHAM”! “Beefham Fountain” would be a great name for a band.

  2. Been going to Papoo’s for about 45 years. It’s a treasure and about 10 times better than Bob’s across the street.

  3. My mom worked there when she was 16…..I’ve been going longer than I can remember. I’ve eaten great hot dogs in many places, but none ever compare to Papoo’s. Stop by and eat there sometime.

    And you have to play Ms. Pac Man with the Wooz (upside down Zoom) button. That game and Galaga have been there since I couldn’t see the screen without a stool.

  4. PS. It’s also a great famous people sighting place if you like that kinda thing.

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