Friday Bullets: RIP, Firefighter Brent Lovrien

Brent LovrienThis week Los Angeles lost a true hero, firefighter Brent A. Lovrien, age 35, a 10 year veteran of the LAFD assigned to the ‘A’ Platoon at Fire Station 95 since October 2005. He died shortly after arrival at the Centinela Freeman Regional Medical Center, Marina Campus after responding to an explosion in Westchester.

“Get well soon” wishes go out to engineer Anthony J. Guzman, age 48, an 18 year veteran of the LAFD assigned to the ‘A’ Platoon at Fire Station 95 since February 2002, who suffered multiple fractures and facial trauma at the same event. He was transported to the UCLA Medical Center in Westwood, where he remains in serious but stable condition following surgery.

A couple of ways you can show your support to our LAFD family:

  • The L.A. Firemen’s Relief Association Widows, Orphans and Disabled Firemen’s Fund maintains a website here.

Elsewhere in LA…

This incident is just a classic case of Los Angeles arrogance. This preppy young punk who thought he was so bad ass driving this Kia Spectra made a non-signaling left turn from Curson onto 6th St. directly in front of a car that was going straight. The other car honked in protest, and this motherfu*ker had the gall to honk back. Now make no mistake, he knew exactly what he did was wrong, but he just didn’t give a damn.

A barista said to the other two baristas while making my chai latte, “You know I send my brother my screenplays to correct. He only has an 8th grade education and he corrects my screenplays!”

  • beFrank provides shots of Tent City, a homeless camp just outside of Ontario Airport.

LAFD File Photo of Firefighter Brent Lovrien courtesy of LAFD.ORG

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  1. Thank you for remembering Brent. While we know that the memorial service at the Cathedral may be difficult to attend, we’re hoping to see many of you at the candlelight vigil – and remind you that all are welcome.

    Brian Humphrey
    Public Service Officer
    Los Angeles Fire Department

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