Squidoo: Spam haven?

I recently complained to Squidoo about their page called “How to Find a Person in Los Angeles, California,” which, one would think, would have some actual tips on tracking people down. Instead, the page repeatedly links to a paid online service that turns up frequently in generic Google searches.

I expected maybe some suggestions as to geneology resources at the downtown library, or tips on accessing court records, not spam.

On March 2nd I sent a spam complaint to Squidoo, and I finally received a followup email today, almost four weeks later:

Thanks for the note. Although this may be questionable, it is not considered spam according to our Terms of Service (http://www.squidoo.com/pages/tos). But we do thank you for your participation in the Squidoo community, and please do not hesitate to notify us of any lenses that you feel are in violation of our TOS.

If you take a look at their TOS, you’ll see they are adamantly opposed to spam, and even cite a zero tolerance policy:

If our community reports you for this activity–even if your lenses and actions just SMELL spammy, you’ll likely have your account deleted.

Sure, Squidoo. And my poop smells like roses.

5 thoughts on “Squidoo: Spam haven?”

  1. Squidoo started out as a really good idea, but it’s become a completely worthless pile of spammers and scammers. They should either turn it into the internet’s biggest honey pot, or blast off a nuke the site from orbit. It makes me sad, because I really respect Seth Godin, who was behind the creation of Squidoo.

    Have you tried Mahalo? It’s Jason Calacanis’ thing that uses real people to write and refine pages for search results. Jason says it’s the future of search.

    Disclaimer: I know Jason, consider him a friend, but have no connection to Mahalo beyond that.

  2. Just to play devils advocate here, but….

    Why is linking to an affiliate program ‘spammy’?

    I will admit that it’s not a great lens… and an educated reader wouldn’t be interested in the content…but is it really spam?

    However, that lens has seen ONE visitor this week (you, perhaps?) and as of this moment, Google has not indexed it, either. Quality content survives…..other content…. well, we all know the story.

    Squidoo is not a bad site, actually, quite the opposite. It’s sad that a few ‘bad apples’ ruin the reputation for the rest of us. We’re not ALL spammers… not ALL scammers. Most of us are real people trying to provide some useful content and maybe make a few bucks.

    Squidoo receives over 15.2 MILLION pages views a MONTH (quantcast.com)…a properly optimized lens will rank well in the SEs…and there are some really, REALLY great pages on that site.

    I think Seth Godin and the entire Squidoo staff have done an amazing job of dealing with all the learning curves of being a user-genrated site.

    Also, you might find this funny, but you may notice that your post here is coming up on the RSS feed on the lens in question.

    Just thought I’d toss my two cents in….

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