Riverside Drive no longer a motel


Anyone who is familiar with the stretch of Riverside Drive in Silverlake near Fletcher knows that for quite a while there has been an entire neighborhood living in parked RVs on that street. Honestly, on the section that I regularly pass I’d count no less than 10 different vehicles parked there and not moving for months. Additionally there would be tents and grills set up and people sitting with lawn chairs on the sidewalks next to their cars. I think I even saw the mail dude delivering something one day but I can’t say for sure. On one hand people have to go somewhere and a mostly empty stretch of road like that is probably better in the big scheme of things than if they took up residence in a grocery store or school parking lot just down the street, but on the other hand people living in cars and dumping trash out their windows onto the street and creating an atmosphere where people are afraid to walk down the road isn’t too wonderful for community moral. Well, those days are over. For better or for worse the days of 24 hour parking there are over. Signs are posted noting the new restricted parking times and already most of the RVs have moved on to greener pastures emptier streets somewhere else. Officially Friday is the change over date, it’ll be shocking to see what the street looks like next week.

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  1. Whoa – I drive past this street all the time, it’s going to look very strange without the long line of RVs there anymore :P

  2. Does anyone know how this got done? I have a strip of road at the end of my block in Hollywood with the same issue. Curious as to where I would put in the request.

  3. Ooops, not sure how I missed that post though the sign I saw didn’t specify a date and there were several RVs parked there so I just assumed it was next Friday.

  4. Y’know what?
    I’m gonna call into question the legitimacy of that sign. Could be a hoax. If not, probably not legal.
    No date? No applicable city code?
    Smells fishy to me.

  5. I don’t see how you can say the sign isn’t legal. The sign isn’t actually prohibiting parking; it’s merely giving a warning that there WILL be a parking prohibition in the future.

    I jogged down that street once. Completely disgusting; strewn with trash and stinking of urine. Good riddance.

  6. The rules for how permit parking and other parking instructions are put into place tend to be very specific.
    If they need to put up a sign or notice giving fair warning, I’d bet that not including an actual date on a sign (instead of this fuzzy “next Friday”) would invalidate its purpose.
    Alas, anyone could challenge a ticket given to them for parking overnight, citing the technicality.

  7. Well what is interesting is that there are no official parking signs on the street listing the new hours and if the official start date was the 14th then you’d think they would be in place by now…

  8. SHHHH!

    I’m pretty sure this was all perfectly legal, but even if it’s not hasn’t it been great to have that stinking sewer (literally) cleaned up? That was just disgusting, and probably eight kinds of health hazards too.

    Good riddance – no matter how it happened!

  9. I think I’ll park my RV there. When they come to tow/ticket me, I’ll tell them it starts Friday.
    If they say last Friday, I’ll the sign says Friday.
    How’s that?

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