L.A. is Dense. So is Metro.


So, some guy in Austin with a helluva lotta free time did some math on something called weighted density, and came up with the Five Densest Cities in America. Los Angeles came in at #3. Only New York and San Francisco have us beat.

Again… L.A. is the THIRD DENSEST CITY. In America.

In reporting the rankings, Environmental Graffiti had this to say:

The third-densest city in America bucks its reputation. Long the poster child for urban sprawl, the reality of L.A. is simply that it’s that big– density EVERYWHERE doesn’t make a city any less (or more) sustainably developed. The difference between Los Angeles and the rest of the citizenry on this list is that L.A. has far more commuters on the road and not using mass transit.

Mass transit… mass transit… I’m sure I’ve heard that term before. But, what does it mean? Where do we get one?

By the way, Metro Board Chair Pam O’Connor will take “live” calls from 8-9 p.m. tonight from “viewers” on a public access cable television show broadcast on both City of Los Angeles Channel 36 and CityTV Channel 16 in Santa Monica. If you happen to get through to Pammy, ask her why their future map doesn’t look more like this. Tell her that Metro needs to get out the crayons, and get back to work. Tell her you want a real map.

Then, take the train to the nearest bar and buy yourself a drink for being a pretty good citizen. You deserve it, friend.

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2 thoughts on “L.A. is Dense. So is Metro.”

  1. Metro has hearings on the draft plan on their long range plan set for later in April.

    The SGV communities that formed the “metro gold line authority”, a lobby or pac if you will have a letter writing campain to save the gold line extension which is absent from the draft long range plan.

    I’m not a Gold Line fan as it will underserve the region and provide little relief to the entier 101/134/210 Corridor from TO to Fontucky. Nor does it address the people on those freeways who end up in OC or Long Beach from the IE nor those going to Santa Monica/WLA from TO and the West Valley. The 101/134/310 corridor handles so much that we need to address it specifically with high speed rail and let the little ones like blue/gold/red handle the siphoning off into Downtown and other points south.

    Density without transportation is our problem.

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