Day 5, 6 & 7: TroutWatch

In which your less-than-intrepid wannabe naturalist (on wheels!) throws in the trout-seeking towel (or at least reporting about it) because the only thing he found these past three days is proof that someone went for a drive in the creek bed via a tell-tale tire track arc through the previously undisturbed and ever-rampaging algae bloom (click to biggify):


One can only hope this was an excursion authorized by some city/county/state agency, but this being the westside there are few things to stop drivers indigenous to the area from exploring what to them is the definition of “alternate commute.” Let’s just hope any steelhead trout who might have been in the vicinity didn’t wind up road kill (creek kill?).

Anyway, while I’ll no longer be troubling your browser window with updates that essentially boil down to “Nope, no fish here — but check out this Civil War landmark!” I’ll still be keeping my eyes wide and my camera at the ready in case I spy movement in the stream, be it steelie. Or SUV.

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