64 Worst: Cost of Rent vs. No NFL Team

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Which is more ridiculous, the cost of rent in L.A., or the absence of pro football?

The economy is in shambles. Or, as President Bush calls it, in a “slowdown.” The housing crisis has littered the SoCal landscape with signs of foreclosure. Yet, with home prices falling, rents are going up. nfl.gifAnd half the time, you still have to bring your own refrigerator.

There have been arguments that professional sports teams can be a boon to a city’s economy. They can also be a source of civic pride, if they’re not a joke on the playing field. Los Angeles has been home 3 different NFL teams: the Raiders, the Rams, and the Chargers. Now, two years after Governor Schwarzenegger told the league he wanted 2 teams, L.A. is still home to none.

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8 thoughts on “64 Worst: Cost of Rent vs. No NFL Team”

  1. I’d say rent, hands down, but having an NFL stadium to go to might help justify the high cost of living… not that I’d be able to afford a ticket.

    Still, while I’m not a sports fan, I feel LA has a big gaping hole without a football team. We have bigger problems, of course, but having a pro football team to rally around gives everyone common ground, which this city can never have too much of.

  2. While I think rent should be cheaper, compared to most urban cosmopolitan cities the rent here is pretty cheap.

    It’s cheap for a place you’d want to live.

    I can’t think of anywhere that I’d want to live that would be cheaper.

    San Francisco costs more, New York is more, London is insane…London is outrageous, but you know, I’ve heard that Berlin is very reasonable and that they like American artsy types. I’ve heard this from several people who actually picked up and moved there.

    Everyone just stop moving, stay in the apartment, parent’s guest house, cardboard box, or leaky roof single family dwelling you are currently in and the prices will go down…


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