Enlist! Enlist! Enlist!

Metblogs is once again having an open call for authors. If you’re a blogger looking for a wider audience, or simply have a desire to write about whats happening in Los Angeles, keep reading:

The qualifications:

  • You need to live in Los Angeles – Metblogs is all about the city from the perspective of people who live here.
  • An ability and willingness to post at least three times a week. You’ve seen our stuff, so you know an entry could simply be a pic of a parking tard, a review of your favorite burrito place, or an interview with a local gadfly.
  • A desire to cover topics that we’ve missed, or you think we need more of. We’re looking for unique voices and to more broadly represent the city.
  • Team players. Authors here don’t always agree with each other, but we’re supportive of each other’s contributions.

Besides the wide audience, the best part of Metblogs is the editorial process: there is none.  As long as what you write is about LA or specifically relevent to LA readers, it qualifies. Otherwise, we’re a sandbox for writers to play in, create their own columns, and write the stuff they wish existed.

While already having a blog doesn’t hurt, especially to demonstrate your ability to post frequently, its far from a requirement. If interested, send me an email telling me briefly about yourself and what type of topics you’d like to cover. (me: unsomnambulist at gmail dot com)

This is an unpaid gig, but you have the opportunity to have your stuff read by over 5000 Angelenos on a daily basis. Vloggers, photographers, community journalists, gripers, and anyone else with a desire to write about Los Angeles is encouraged to apply.

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