64 Worst: The Paparazzi vs. Glassell Park NC’s Bradley

The paparazzi are not only the bottom feeders of the entertainment machine, they also show no concern for your safety, your neighbors, or your tax dollars in their pursuit of a photo of Britney, Lindsay, or Paris. They’ve been documented driving into oncoming traffic, breaking onto private property, and even sneaking onto schoolgrounds. The problem has escalated to the point that city council is considering legislation to restrict their activites. Even if you’re not a celebrity being harrassed by this vile class, city services are being spent to keep things in control.

And then there’s Bradley, until recently Chair of the Glassell Park Neighborhood Council (now an area rep), who Eric of Curbed L.A. described as “the Madonna and the Cher of LA neighborhood politics.” Just how does a lone volunteer with no actual power make it to L.A.’s worst of list? Try attempting to intimidate a critic by towering over her during a council meeting, or confiscating evidence presented to him of his alleged acts of conflicts of interest, or repeatedly insisting that the public isn’t allowed to record neighborhood council meetings in spite of rules to the contrary NC members should be familiar with? Of course, maybe Bradley isn’t the worst of the neighborhood council members – he just has the misfortune that much of his misconduct was found on tape. In short, he’s symbolic of every bad, power hungry neighbor ever to appear in an ABC Movie of the Week. (see the videos of his antics at Curbed)

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9 thoughts on “64 Worst: The Paparazzi vs. Glassell Park NC’s Bradley”

  1. Clearly this one goes to the Paparazzi who’s slimy horrid exploits bring bad names to photographers everywhere and snatch shots of whorish celebs that scar the minds of millions.

  2. I disagree, the paparazzi are just parasites regurgitating crap that those addicted to pop culture can’t stop devouring. Their stuff is short lived and people move on.

    But a little man on a neighborhood council acting like some absolute ruler to the point of being a little totalitarian fascist determining how things are run and what is best for the ‘hood is a bigger danger.

  3. Not only are the neighborhood councils a slowly failing experiment, but they’re dangerous, and Bradley is an example of one of their dangers – the over-empowerment of anyone ego driven enough, and with enough free time to dominate the process. All the council system has done is empower the same busybodies who were already involved in local political processes, while those who have sat on the sidelines still remain there.

  4. Clearly this is not a case of paparazzi, this was someone sitting at a meeting with an inexpensive video camera and that in turn caused the board to meltdown.
    Bradley in particular appears to be lying, saying he has checked with the city attorney about the person not being able to tape his meetings, he says this more than once and that he has checked with the city attorney twice.
    It appears he is either stupid or lying.
    There are other tapes on YouTube that further expose Bradley and other board members for voting on issues where money is changing hands on the same projects, between the board members and again more lies.
    Being attacked by a person with a camera is one thing, but if you choose to pull down your pants in front of one, that is an entirely different matter.

  5. Wow. A tough choice. At first. The papanazzis are an easy target, but when it comes down to it I blame the gossip-hungry masses they’re serving. If there wasn’t such a prevalent slathering OMFG-did-you-see-what-Fergie-was-wearing-coming-out-of-SnarkBar!!!? idol worshiping mentality keeping the tabloid rags and TV shows turning a profit, there wouldn’t be nearly the level of such parasitic hordes of shutterbugs trailing celebrities’ every move.

    So my vote’s for the GPNC’s Bradley. For so repeatedly presenting himself as such an arrogant, rude, and argumentative person, he’s got no one to blame but himself.

  6. I’m now thinking I should have put Bradley up against something more banal, like the lack of Twizzler, so he’d at least make it to the second round. Clearly there’s a lot of vitriol in his direction.

    Alas, Paparazzi are the scum of the earth, and they breed among the scabs of LA.

  7. Yeah even if he doesn’t advance, it speaks volumnes about how Bradley’s viewed that can pull a full 30% of the vote away from the universally despised paparazzi.

  8. Being in the Neighborhood Council scene for a while, it’s sad to see that there are some characters/weirdos/idiots that mess it up for everyone.

    Call me naive, but I actually believe in the concept of participatory democracy, and the needs of my community drive not only myself but the rest of my NC governing board members and committee members to our honest dedication to our community. I disagree with “Marshall”‘s statement but it’s telling, there are a lot of nutjobs out there in the NC scene who mess it up for everyone. I’ve known egomaniacs, socially-inept types, morally-deprived cheaters, even racists in other neighborhood councils, but that just gives me an example of what not to do. There are also some very good folk out there in the NCs…they just need to step up and not let the weirdos overshadow them.

    This blog has already written about some good ish our NC has been going, but here’s some more that was recently covered in a local community newspaper:
    Tree Planting in East Hollywood – 3/22/08: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6TsKhpz9P04

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