64 Worst: People Who Talk on Cellphones While Driving vs. Britney Spears & Paris Hilton


If you live in Los Angeles, two things are inevitable: People swerving all over the place as they drive while talking on their cellphones, and massive coverage of Britney Spears and/or Paris Hilton. One will kill you, the other makes you want to kill the press for making these silly girls so newsworthy to begin with!

I for one am looking forward to the new laws going into effect on July 1 that ban talking on the cellphone unless it’s handsfree… for Britney/Paris…. I dunno… could we pass a law?

So what do you think? Who is worse?

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7 thoughts on “64 Worst: People Who Talk on Cellphones While Driving vs. Britney Spears & Paris Hilton”

  1. The brit and paris though entertaining watching them self destruct won’t take me out in the process.

    Those numbnutz on the phone and aiming (I won’t call it driving as they aren’t even close to doing that) a 3 ton SUV down a freeway likely will cream me one of these days.

  2. I don’t think the ban of handheld cell phone will help one iota. To begin with, the fine inconsequential nobody will give a shit. But mainly, the problem isn’t that people don’t have two hands on the wheel, its that their minds are elsewhere. Cell phones should be banned entirely from cars.

    Britney and Paris are dregs, but the paparazzi that try to ride their coattails are so much worse, I barely think about them.

  3. I just want to say that Paris Hilton represents a force so evil that it doesn’t even make sense to lump Britney Spears in with her. That being said, I have to vote for Britney and Paris on this one. Our civilization will survive cellphone driving, but will it survive Paris Hilton and the social decay that she represents? I wouldn’t bet on that.

  4. David, I don’t think the question is “will banning cell phones while driving…”, it was which is worse “2 bimbos or people who talk on cell phones…”

    I agree the ban won’t make a difference. It doesn’t change that they are a hazard to us all. One that potentially could hurt one of us in the process.

  5. Well, I think that the people in L.A. who are bad drivers when they’re on their cell phones would be bad drivers off their cell phones as well. I see plenty of horrible, dangerous drivers who aren’t on the phone while they’re driving – obviously, banning cell phone use won’t improve their abilities a whit… But I am interested to see what happens come July.

  6. Honestly talking on your cellphone when you drive isn’t bad at all as long as you use a wireless headset or some type of hands-free device.

    BS and PH on the other hand are teh suxor.

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