The Culver City Council Race As Seen On Duquesne Avenue Got Interesting For A Moment

If the lawn signage on Duquesne (doo-shane doo-kane; or just Doosh as I call it) Avenue between Culver and Jefferson boulevards is any barometer then there’s as yet no clear frontrunner in the April 8 elections for seats on Culver City’s City Council. But then again there’s reportedly nine contenders for three seats on the five-seat body, so mayhaps the placards I’ve seen stuck in lawns up and down and on both sides of the street for Luther Henderson, Jeff Cooper and Christopher Armenta are indicative of who’s leading in the polls.

Nevertheless on my bike ride in to work this morning a new name was seen on the green. A bigger name:


Nope, not that Loni Anderson, this one.

6 thoughts on “The Culver City Council Race As Seen On Duquesne Avenue Got Interesting For A Moment”

  1. funny. I was so disgusted with local politics and mayoral choices and the over zealous signs in my ‘hood so I made one for a write in candidate. The candidate didn’t even live here. Anna Nicole Smith actually got votes.

  2. Definitely not doo-kez-nee. It might be pronounced doo-kane but I’ve heard it as doo-shane. I’m partially (and wholly unscientifically) drawing from the similarity of the name of Tim Robbins’ character — Andy Dufresne (pronounced doo-frane) — in “Shawshank.”

  3. I thought it was doo-kane, but I like doo-shane, because it reminds me of former Los Angeles Kings Defenseman Steve Duchesne.

  4. Yeah, it’s looking like doo-kane is the correct pronunciation. Ataki’s reference to Steve Duchesne showed me I was mixing my kah sounds with my shhhhsesses.

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