Red Cross Training With A Really Local Instructor

Because we are expecting, the husband and I went down to the Red Cross on Saturday for a full day of CPR and first aid fun. We got to practice on those little baby practice mannequins and everything. Now we feel much more prepared to have a small child.

But the really entertaining part of the day was that the class was taught by a lifelong Los Angeles resident, who had spent most of his adult life working for the city – and as an usher at Dodger Stadium. Here is some of the wisdom we picked up from his experiences with L.A.:

1) Don’t throw paper airplanes at Dodger Stadium. They tend to spiral down and always manage to hit an old person in the eye. And that old person is usually carrying snacks and drinks up the stairs.

2) Similarly, getting drink to the point of puking outside the Dodger Stadium elevators can result in a five-person pileup of floor slipping when the elevator discharges its passengers

3) There are gophers in Highland Park. These gophers bite. That can result in rabies shots.

4) Always obey the safety rules at work, and don’t be like those guys at the Hyperion plant who went into an empty tank without using the blowers first, and ended up passing out in it from fumes.

But we also learned some really important things about emergency services in Los Angeles, including:

5) It is a really good idea to be prepared to be on your own for at least 2 – 3 days if a major earthquake hits. (The State of CA has lots of info on this)

5) Remember that it takes about 3 – 5 minutes for paramedics to show up in the City of Los Angeles. But when they get there, if you are performing CPR, they will just shove you out of the way.

A full day of Red Cross training – Adult & Infant CPR and First Aid – is only $65. Hilarious anecdotes about living in Los Angeles for fifty-some years are free.

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  1. Very cool. The Red Cross rocks.
    I wish the city would do more of these, and find a way to make them for free. CPR, basic First Aid, and the Heimlich maneuvers can not only save lives, but odds are pretty good that the average citizen will find opportunity to use them at some point in their life.

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