Lights Out L.A., It’s Earth Hour

earth-hour.jpgRemember Lights Out Los Angeles? It was a local conservation movement modeled after Lights Out San Francisco, where you were encouraged to turn off all non-essential lights and appliances and hang out in the dark for an hour? After a number of cities participated in last year’s fight against global warming, Lights Out America was supposed to take the nation by storm this month. So why haven’t we heard anything about it?

We chose March 29th for our Lights Out America event to coincide with the second annual “Earth Hour” organized by our friends from Sydney, Australia. As it turns out, the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) is planning to bring Earth Hour to the United States on that same date, March 29th. So, rather than launch a separate Lights Out America event, we’ve chosen to support WWF to make Earth Hour a success.

I haven’t seen anything on this, anywhere. I actually had to Google it this morning to make sure I hadn’t made it up in my head that something big was supposed to happen in March. This is supposed to be a global event to raise awareness about climate change. As of this post, 198,342 people have signed up to participate. Worldwide. That is less than the entire population of Irvine.

So, what went wrong? Is this a simple case of a couple of organizations dropping the ball? Or, is the general population growing weary of the green movement?

Earth Hour
March 29, 2008

6 thoughts on “Lights Out L.A., It’s Earth Hour”

  1. I don’t think the “green movement” is losing momentum, rather it has a lot of converts from ranks who never thought about it. I think things like this are kind of silly and meaningless to anyone but a die hard.

    Many, me included do a lot of the green things because it makes sense, some even save a ton of money while protecting the environment. If you want the mainstream folks to jump on board turning out lights isn’t going to motivate them. Showing how it can save on the household bills will make a lot of converts.

  2. Maybe it’s because people are finally growing weary of stupid, empty crap like this that has no impact whatsoever.

    Wanna really make a difference?


    Don’t even get me started on STOP MAKING BABIES.

  3. Being ‘green’ is not about empty gestures and public relations stunts. It’s about taking real, significant behavioral attitudes towards minimizing ALL wasteful and destructive behaviors.

    The idea of turning out “unnecessary” lights on a particular schedule is absurd. There should never be “unnecessary” lighting on at any time. It’s not about sitting in the dark.

    Walking, using transit, MOVING somewhere that makes that possible, convincing your friends and associates that it is the right thing to do, all these are first steps. It’s about a lifelong commitment.

  4. Why? What’s the purpose? so i’m suppose to sit in the dark for an hour? AND miss my program? i don’t think so.

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  6. I agree. I thought this would be a much bigger movement, yet not a word. Google did a thing on their home page, but I didn’t hear anything in the news about it and I didn’t see anything on LA Times about it. It may only be symbolic, but humans need symbols and rituals. This is one ritual and symbol that I think would be good to continue. It would be nice to know how much energy was saved on March 29th. It would be nice to, perhaps, try to work this kind of “hour by candlelight” in your life say once a month. These are good things. Being bitter, jaded and cynical isn’t going to do us a bit of good. We need to be hopeful participants.

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