64 Worst: Uptalkers vs. No Twizzlers/Jujyfruits at concessions


Considering how calm the responses were to yesterday grievance polls, I thought I’d kick things up with a duel that has much more at stake…


In one corner, weighing at around 10 ounces, are movie favorites Twizzlers and Jujyfruits… and by favorites, I mean at least everywhere but Los Angeles. When and why did L.A. theater managers decide to stock their concessions with Red Vines, “red twists” instead of Twizzlers, “strawberry twists”? And where the hell are all the Jujyfruits, which are a staple in every other city I’ve watched a movie? Seriously, people, I want names and numbers.

Natalie Dee

And in the other corner are the “uptalkers” – those people who end every sentence as if its a question. This seems to be a relatively new phenomenon, one I blame on Canadians and/or home schooling.* Julia Frey drew attention to this recently in her post about some Florida teens who were banned from Southwest Airlines, so maybe its more of a Florida thing, but since I’ve been noticing it everywhere I go lately, I’m going to use this as my platform to gripe before things get out of hand. (According the a 2001 article from the UK’s Guardian, uptalking is also known as “HRT (high-rise terminals), a speech habit that is taking over the way we talk.”)

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*Whichever one you, dear reader, think is funnier.
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10 thoughts on “64 Worst: Uptalkers vs. No Twizzlers/Jujyfruits at concessions”

  1. When I was a volunteer Big Brother one of my longterm goals was to break my eight-year-old Little Brother of that horrible habit. Often when he’d finish a sentence on an upnote I’d interrupt him with “are you asking me or telling me?” The first few times he was confused by what I was doing so I pointed out that he should be aware how his voice rises every time like he’s asking a question. We went our separate ways by the time he was 12 and by then (45,235 “are you asking me or telling me’s?” later) he spoke without that climb at every period.

    I consider it one of my greatest achievements.

  2. It’s a Canadian and extreme upper midwest thing. They quit the “eh” at the end of every sentence but forgot to drop the uptalking. Try Minneapolis sometimes. Friends and relatives there that stopped the “eh” still uptalk. It gets even worse when you hit the iron range.

  3. My daughter is a veteran uptalker (no matter how much we coach her otherwise), as are all her classmates. We don’t even live in the west valley, the epicenter of SoCal uptalking. They’re six. I think it’s something in the water …

  4. this is a terribly weenie match-up. the others i could get behind. though i think both fry’s and american appparel have enough of an upside that i wouldn’t vote against them i could at least understand their inclusion. this one’s like you didn’t even try. uptalking, though annoying, isn’t exclusive to l.a. and certainly didn’t originate here. we’ve started enough annoying trends of our own worthy of this field of 64. maybe it’s just cuz i haven’t been exposed to this one much. then again i don’t frequent the west sfv either. and twizzlers!?!? what’re you from the east coast or something? jujyfruits are mediocre at best but twizzlers are just gawd awful. they may as well start stocking up on necco wafers and pixie stix at local theaters. now eat your mike ‘n’ ike’s and red vines, or better yet get something chocolate, and get to the real problems. the clippers, staples center, parks with fences around them and that close at night (i.e. macarthur and exposition), the fact that the green line doesn’t run to lax thanks to the taxi cab lobby, the stinky hyperion water treatment plant, ralph lawler, the inland empire, the grove, a shortage of coffee shops that stay open past 11 pm, the 5/10 interchanges, the fact that disney concert hall is surrounded by 5 of the ugliest buildings in the city, dodger ownership over the last 15 years, the string of what looks like christmas lights that were added to the vincent thomas bridge rather than some cool uplighting, ugg boots, giant fly-eye glasses on women/girls, etc.

    *jumps down off soapbox*

  5. You can always tell if someone’s from the East Coast ’cause they have this weird thing for Twizzlers. That crap tastes like soap! It’s all about the Red Vines.

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