64 Worst: Cellphone Yappers vs. American Apparel


I don’t know about you, but I can’t count the number of times I’ve been in a restaurant (doctors office, getting coffee, at the movies) when someone is talking super loudly on their phone. Sooooo annoying. What is it with people? Can’t they talk on their cellphones in a normal or even, god forbid, low voice? Who wants to hear about the details of your latest boyfriend drama? Or the person in a restaurant tapping away madly on his crackberry… ignoring everyone at his table. This drives me crazy…

Or is American Apparel worse? The dreary monotony of their McDonalds-like clothing line, stores popping up like Starbucks on every corner and worse, their models who are supposed to resemble ‘normal’ everyday people, but who all share that same glazed over ‘I’m so bored I could just slit my writsts’ look. What do you think…. which is worse LA?

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12 thoughts on “64 Worst: Cellphone Yappers vs. American Apparel”

  1. No one either wearing, working for or representing American Apparel ever effed up my lunch conversation, ruined my movie or almost got me killed weaving all over the road because their brains were too tiny to handle simultaneously wearing American Apparel and the other task at hand. Just saying.

  2. I certainly have trouble with some of American Apparel’s purposefully odd advertisements and billboards, but yeah, I’ve never had to get all up on the back page of the L.A. Weekly and tell some faux-porny t-shirted model to STFU!

  3. After seeing an overweight woman in AA’s shiny gold spandex tights, I sealed my hatred of all things American Apparel. Plus, sweatshop free or no, thats some glorified WalMart crap.

  4. Meh. I dislike any retailer that sells such plain clothing, yet wants to charge me so much. Yet, I dislike cell phone users so much. This one is tough…

  5. I was in a public restroom Saturday night, standing at a urinal, you know, taking care of business, when an older guy (late-50s) walked up to the next urinal. He never stopped shouting into his phone, holding it to his ear with one hand while the other pulled out his junk and began to pee. What the hell??? Is no place sacred? And, is that more rude to those of us around him, or the person on the other end of the phone?

  6. okay. That is just nasty. And the person on the other side of the line must have heard the splash action. Yech. Poor you!

  7. I was in line at Social Security the other day (lost my card years ago, needed it for new job, etc.) and this stereotypical RYA (rich young asshole) basically took three calls in quick succession at top volume, basically spitting profanities and venom at the caller non-stop. Every single person in that 500-square-foot corner of the room heard it, and most of them looked like they were cringeing. You could almost hear the relief when his customer-number was announced, meaning he had to hang up, take care of business and save the piss and vinegar for another day.

  8. Not hard for me. How I spend my money is in my control so AA get’s my no vote everytime I shop which is somewhere else.

    The yappers are out of my control short of a felonious assault. They got my vote.

  9. This is way after the fact, but I am ashamed to admit I love American Apparel. That’s one of the few retail stores I go to. You know how there are those people that have lots of gap outfits, I’m the American Apparel version of that person.


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