Monday Bullets: Cocktails, Cupcakes, and Caprica

  • bruce.jpgCaroline on Crack demands a new lineup of Spring cocktails from Seven Grand. Bartenders oblige.
  • Superfluous Juxtaposition goes key-to-key with a woman online, who eventually gets herself banned from a cupcake discussion board.
  • B-Side Blog breaks down the TMZ-Paparazzi-Big Brother connection.

A guy who watches people for a show about watching people signs up for another show where he in turn will be watched by other people. Afterwards, he returns to his original show where people (the audience) now watch other people (TMZ) watch him (Parker) watch other people (celebs).

  • A Writer’s Life is alarmed by all the TV remakes and spinoffs currently in development. Wait… there’s a Battlestar Galactica prequel in development? Frackin’ awesome.
  • And My Back Pages writes a B-movie. Sends script to Bruce Campbell. He calls and leaves a voicemail. She saves it. Shares it with us six years later. Obsession is a commitment.

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