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Leaf CuisineAfter a roller coaster morning touring assisted living facilities with my husband (for his mom), we treated ourselves to a beautiful lunch at Leaf. Leaf serves organic, vegan, raw and beautifully prepared food.

We are not vegetarians or vegans or raw foodies by any means. On any other Saturday we might have just as easily had a Double Double with fries at the LAX In-N-Out. But last Saturday we drove by the lovely green building and said, “let’s try.” We didn’t even know it was raw food until we ordered — though how often do you eat raw foods without thinking about it? Big salads, cold soups, etc., all very refreshing on a warm afternoon.

More details and another photo after the jump.

Pictured above is the Flying Falafel, which I could have also ordered as a wrap. The salad was delicious and very filling, not to mention so pleasing to the eye. The “falafel” was so moist and full of chickpea flavor that I would like to learn how to make them.

My husband ordered the “Rawsagna”:
Leaf Cuisine 2
and he loved every bite (except for the bite I had). I also ordered a starter called the “Mock Salmon Nori Rolls” which does not include rice (you’d have to cook rice) but some kind of vegan salmony paste. I must say, it was not for me.

The restaurant is green in many respects — not only are they vegan, but they are a certified Green Restaurant (by the Green Restaurant Association) which means they recycle their paper, glass and plastics, use non-toxic cleaning supplies, they composte and they buy only recycled paper for bathrooms and napkins and use corn starch based to-go cups. They are also certified Organic by Quality Assurance International, the world’s leader in organic certifications.

With warm weather already showing up, a raw food place is a refreshing spot to lunch. No matter what kind of eater you are, you’ll feel satisfied and virtuous and beautiful, inside and out after you eat at Leaf.

Leaf Cuisine
11938 W. Washington Blvd.
Los Angeles

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  1. omg Leaf is the best cheapest most delicious raw food anywhere in this city. It beats the gourmet raw stuff hands down. If only they would open a satellite restaurant east of Vine…

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