Hey nerds: LA Times Book Fest sked now online!

It’s time again for LA Times Festival of Books. While all the stoners and cool kids will be baking in the sun at Coachella, the book worms, writers, and political geeks will spending the last weekend of April in the air conditioned halls of UCLA with our favorite authors.

On Saturday alone, panels will include Christoper Rice,  Robert Crais, T. Jefferson Parker, Joseph Wambaugh, Michael Connelly, Tommy Lasorda, Bill Plaschke, Gore Vidal, Jane Smiley, Arianna Huffington, Leonard Maltin, Peter Biskind, Kenneth Turan, Tom Hayden, Hugh Hewitt,  Dr. Laura Schelssinger, and more… thats just a handful of names I recognize.

[Saturday, April 26ths’ schedule]   [Sunday, April 27th’s schedule]
Note: these lineups aren’t 100% confirmed and are still being adjusted.

Its surprising that the Times isn’t featuring more bloggers this year – especially considering focus and attention their website has given to blogs lately – but I can’t complain too much: L.A. Now’s  Veronique de Turenne is interviewing Carolyn and Lisa See, The Homicide Report’s Jill Leovy is moderating a panel on inner city non-fiction, Carolyn Kellogg is moderating a panel with first time authors, and LA Observed’s Kevin Roderick has a panel called “California: The Great Experiment.”

Still, I’d love to see Tony Pierce in conversation with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Or Blog Downtown’s Eric Richardson moderating a panel on community journalism. Or Cindy Mosqueda and El Chavo! on Latino bloggers. (I could go on, but please leave similar suggestions in the comments).

The LA Times Festival of Books is also totally free, besides parking and food – but take the bus and pack a lunch (unlike Coachella the Fest will allow you to bring food onsite). Tickets, via Ticketmaster, will be made available at noon on Sunday, April 20th. 

6 thoughts on “Hey nerds: LA Times Book Fest sked now online!”

  1. Markland, Markland, Markland. Pray tell how a panel on Latino bloggers would have any relevance to a festival devoted to books.

  2. BTW, Markland, I was just funnin’ ya. I know the point you’re making and it’s true, there is some damn fine lit being created on the web.

  3. “Still, I’d love to see Tony Pierce in conversation with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar.”

    Why? What have these two in common?

  4. Well, tony pierce is a one-hit wonder with a single medium. (I am sure you appreciate how easy it is to come up with topics for no other reason than to get people riled up—kinda like some of my punk rock peers did with fanzines back in the 1980s, when we were still teenagers—and then watch the numbers go up.) That is how tony worked with his former blog. I cannot imagine him being able to have a conversation of any interest, even for something as sad an event as the L.A. Times Book festival. (I state this because Los Angeles is the largest new book market in the U.S., but this particular event is a laughing stock in itself. Compared to the BookExpo and Frankfurt, it is a travesty. Some of the very people you listed are there nearly every year, and the whole thing is very poorly laid out.)

    And let me make it clear that is was not an “issue” (where do people get these stupid euphemisms, anyway?) but a question, although I think you meant to state “problem.”

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