It Caught My Eye (Part III): Birds Of Hollywood Mural… Complete


(click two-frame pano for immensification)

First found half-finished in the middle of February I returned about a week later to find the right panel partially done. It was well worth the month-long delay in getting back yesterday afternoon and discovering its evolution complete and beautifully colorized yesterday afternoon. Should you wish to see is magnificence for yourself (and you should), it’s on the south side of Fountain Avenue, a block and a half east of Gower (map).

9 thoughts on “It Caught My Eye (Part III): Birds Of Hollywood Mural… Complete”

  1. I actually like this mural and think the technical ability of the artist seems pretty good. But…

    Meh. If the artist was a Mexican kid from the wrong side of the tracks curbed commentors would be foaming at the mouth and calling it tagging, and semprini would be chiming in about how he dislike murals (and the 400th comment about them all being ugly aztec calendars in NELA). The theme and composition are cool, but simple use of a projector is what made this mural look so nice, with a projector even photorealism becomes as easy as color by numbers. So, meh, I’ll burn that isht, and for the price the red haired turtle neck wearing hipster artist got paid for it I probably couldve done it a lot better, shit I pribably couldve done 4 of those suckers.

  2. Arrt, you seem ready to defend this mural against the curbies who’d rail on it in hypothetical framework but then you’re ready to doosh it because of your bias against a certain stereotype and the technique used? If indeed you actually like this mural you got a funny way of showing it.

  3. Yeah, Im an enigma wrapped in hostility.

    Actually, I didnt defend the mural because nobody beyond me was dissing it. I noted that I like it overall, but (as a professional in the field)the technique used to create it isnt too hard to master. I clowned the precedence of commenters spewing so much negativity when murals created by working class brown folks are mentioned, but then either remaining silent or gushing praise when something is done by some white kid with an art degree. And yeah, I am stereotyping nasty, just like the dozens of smarmy white yuppifiles do whenever something involving mexicans or the barrio is mentioned, so eat it up.

  4. BTW, my bias is against the idiots who act like any blondie with an ounce of creativity is the next picasso and then spit vitriole about the much more talented poor mexican kid in the same breath. Otherwise I like rich white artsy kids, they usually jock my “authenticity”.

  5. I hear ya arrt and appreciate your sentiment. I was a little put out in your first comment by your seeming willingness to “burn” the piece (but then I assume that means to deface it as I’m not young or hip enough to know if it means otherwise). And FWIW I was taken by this piece before I knew anything about the artist (or his or her skin or hair color; which I still don’t know). I’m also appreciative of the insight on the projection technique you say this artist may have used. If it’s any consolation since I’m so far on the outside I try to be an equal opportunity appreciator and I’ve been blown away by some of the things I’ve seen east of the river.

  6. Sorry will, I was using my 6th grade vocab. I meant “Burn” as in do something better, I would never deface someone else’s art.

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