World Pillow Fight Day comes to LA

pilloThat’s right, folks. Saturday you can wail away on your fellow man with giant, fluffy, feather-filled weapons of DOOOOOM. Find a pillow, ceremonially slit its downy white breast and pour its feathery life juice upon the urban landscape…at Pershing Square, at 3pm. It’s part of World Pillow Fight Day, and the LA celebration promises extra entropy in the form of a nearby Easter egg hunt: oh, the humanity!!! The last pillow fight I attended was at some abandoned storefront downtown for some art student’s graduate thesis, celebrating the ancient Japanese art of “Shindai,” or “bed-fighting.” I got a nifty “World Pillow Fight Association” [unrelated to this] sticker I’ve proudly worn on my car for years. Now that I’m selling the old car, I need a new sticker for the new car. Anyone have one? Thanks.

Oh yeah, see you Saturday.

2 thoughts on “World Pillow Fight Day comes to LA”

  1. So I guess you are skipping the great metblog meet up with pownce and groop. That looks interesting. What cracks me up is that they even have a “rules” page.

  2. Thanks lucindamichele! I had totally forgot that I attended that Shindai exhibition in 2002. That was so much fun. (I think it was part of Elizabeth Jackson’s MFA thesis at USC.) I fully expect the Pershing Square one to be a blast as well. And as a bonus, there happens to be a easter egg hunt happening there at the same time! [Oh, and no you can’t have the WPFA sticker on my bulletin board.]

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