Watch out for falling JEWS!


Today’s Purim!

And apparently everybody’s out drinking, shaking their graggers, also called “ra’ashan” (noisemaker), wearing crazy hats, and driving like maniacs.

At least that’s what we’re seeing in Hollywood today.

Inside the temples, this is about the only fun holiday – during the reading of the Magailla (the whole Magilla???), every time (bad guy) Haman’s name is mentioned, everybody in the congregation boos, hisses, rattles a noisemaker, or otherwise cuts loose.

Like most (all?) Jewish holidays, the basic premise is

A. Somebody tried to kill us.
B. They failed.
C. Let’s have a holiday to celebrate it.

D. Let’s eat. (Thanks, Oren – you’re right!)

6 thoughts on “Watch out for falling JEWS!”

  1. I had to laugh my ass off on the condensed version of a jewish holiday. Wonder if they get as bad as a St Patty’s celebration?

  2. I was crossing Franklin a few hours ago and a van full of Hassidic Jews pulled up, hooting and hollering as techno thumped out. Two guys hopped outside and danced around the van before getting back in. As the van pulled away, I saw that one guy was hanging onto the back of freakin’ van!

    Crazy mo-fos!

    Where’s my invite to a Purim Partay!?

  3. I love Purim, but man, I have nightmares about being in temple with hundreds of kids with those squeak hammers just banging away for hours.

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