Parenting Work Shop Fundraiser Sat 3/22

qualitycare.jpgIt is fun to watch people weave in and out of your life.  This time around Barbara Gholar is back in my circle.  I met her more years ago than I can imagine when my middle child attended Foothill Preschool.  She is still there only now as an Assistant Director. 

Barbara, like her brother and cousin come from a family big on hard work, education and a strong belief in virtures.  Barbara’s passion for teaching and parenting have led her to starting workshops on those topics to help the community.  She started her own web site, Quality Care Education as way to tell people what she has going on in terms of workshops to help families and schools a couple of years ago. 

To help continue these seminars and fund guest speakers she is holding a fund raiser this Saturday March 22, 2008 from 1-5PM.  More details on the event and Ms Gholar after the jump.

As her seminars and workshops have grown she has started spreading into new ventures.  She is getting ready to publishing a parenting magazine with the first issue due soon.  The magazine will be titled “Bring it home NOW!”.

She recently started her Quality Care Education Blog a few weeks ago.  One of her more interesting posts for parents is in regards to what sort of “legacy” are you leaving your children.  It is an exercise you can do at your leisure to help you determine what your family legacy is now and plan what you want it to be.  This is a freebie being offered up so grab it when you can on her post : Develop Your Family Legacy.

The fundraiser will include performances by the Foothill Preschool, Pre-K Dance Choir and the Baldwin Park Gedde’s Elementary “Champion Choir”.  There will be raffles and fund raisers taking place as well.  The proceeds will be used fund ongoing seminars that Ms Gholar provides through her Quality Care Education program.  You may contact Barbara at [email protected] for more details.

The location: Foothill Preschool, 240 E Foothill Blvd, Monrovia CA 91016