Beach and Ball: A collector’s heaven


I would imagine that most twenty-somethings are much like me: gradually entering full-blown adulthood with full-blown adult responsibilities (mortgage! car payments! grad school! career!), while capable of maintaining a weepy nostalgia for our youth (transformers! glow worms! jem dolls! garbage pail kids!).

Adulthood (hopefully) comes with a moderate amount of discretionary income, even as it comes with a new-found urge to save. As a result, I am a consummate window-shopper, especially for old toys I used to own, or perhaps wanted to. Damn you, mom and dad, for instilling the virtue of thrift and consumer restraint!

When my boyfriend and I stumbled upon the myriad of consignment stores at the intersection of Beach Blvd. and Ball Rd. in Anaheim, I jumped for joy. There were 4 collector’s shops and a comic book store. Heaven.


There were a couple of typical collectible stores, with old Barbie dolls and Star Wars figures (and yes, of course, in the original packaging). The two stores on the northwest corner had a more interesting array of vintage toys, including old mechanical tin toys, packaging from turn-of-the-century products, and old board games.

The clerks were friendly and knowedgeable, but beware! the stores close early, the latest staying open only until 6pm.

Beach Ball Comics

3024 W Ball Rd # G

Anaheim, CA 92804

(714) 826-6127

Phat Collectibles

3011 W Ball Rd

Anaheim, CA 92804

(714) 484-9080

Kelly’s Toy Stop

3024 W Ball Rd

Anaheim, CA 92804

(714) 828-4577