Beer! Brunch!! Cupcakes!!! (with us, this weekend)

meetupSaturday (Mar 22nd) from noon until the ever popular question mark (or until they close and kick us out) we here at Metblogs are teaming up with the folks from Pownce and The Groop to throw a good old fashioned Farmers Market meetup like they used to do back in the good ‘ol days. Well maybe not exactly like the good ‘ol days, but at least the thought is there. There will be a yet undisclosed number of cupcakes being delivered right at noon thanks to Pownce followed by an also yet undisclosed number of pitchers of beer purchased by us and The Groop as well. You should come join us, it’ll be fun. I pormise. We’ll be grabbing table space on the south west corner (3rd & Fairfax) near Starbucks and Lotteria (same area previous meetups have been). We’ll have signs and stuff, and should be easy to find. See you then!

Here’s the original annoucement on Pownce. Here’s our reminder. And if you feel like it, here’s the event on Facebook & Upcoming.

8 thoughts on “Beer! Brunch!! Cupcakes!!! (with us, this weekend)”

  1. It is kinda funny to see that baby shower ads appear to have a monopoly on keywords such as “brunch” and “cupcakes”

    Lighten up, Rodger! GoogleAds are humourous (and they’ll never let us forget about Hurricane Katrina).

  2. No kidding there are ads here? I get the odd one in the banner but most of the time it is blank. Then again I have duplicate add and popup blockers so little get’s through. All I have in a margin is the 3 flickr pics.

  3. One of our advertising partners is messing with things and the google stuff falls in while they are doing that so it’s not blank. Nothing to get too worried about.

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