Whack a wienie and get stiffed?

I can’t even find a picture to describe this one.  Movies are entertaining, but its the real life crap that happens, that is so crazed,  if I tried to make it up no one would believe me.  Here is the story,  and I swear I ain’t making it up.  KNBC4 is reporting the story under the head line Judge Wants Proper Service In Actor’s Penis, Mousetrap Lawsuit. 

Actor Perry Caravello shows up at the Jimmy Kimmel Show and Johnny Knoxville is there.  Ok, first flag Knoxville of Jackass fame is there, one should expect some sort of stupid human trick, right? 

The gag.  I can’t believe Caravello fell for it.  Dude…stick your wiener on this mousetrap.  10 MILLION dollars if you just stick your wiener on it honest.  It isn’t loaded.  Oooopsie…it went off, honest I didn’t know it wasn’t loaded. 

Really…they are still laughing about it on the official Jackass web site.  What…he didn’t expect it to go off?  I feel bad for the man, even winced at the description of it.  Seriously, boys learn by the time they are 5 you protect below the belt at all costs.  What was he thinking?

Of course he got stiffed on the dare money.  Yup, he alleges he was not paid so now he sues.  Jimmy Kimmel and others at the show are named.  They don’t get serviced served.  Well, the suit was delivered just not correctly according to a LA Superior Court Judge so it is out for service.  Again.  

This is one of those stories ripe for headline mockery and puns.  I mean service and penis in the same sentence should get a few chortle and guffaws, right?  Toss up your headline in the comments.  The punnier the better.  I don’t have a prize but at least we can get a few laughs out of it.   If all goes will it won’t be long now…

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