My little neighborhood find today…


It pays to stop and talk with your neighbors.  Today while passing out Neighborhood Watch fliers I spotted Bruce back in the garage with his Dad working on a model railroad.  GAWD I love model trains.  I had no idea had been doing this back there.  If I had I would have been a pest long ago.

 I had  American Flyer S gauge as a kid, my neighbor and built a huge…2 ping-pong table big S gauge and O gauge train.  Bruce is doing all HO and is now getting ready for an expansion.  You can get more after the jump.

train-mountainsswitchyard.jpg          trains-switchyard.jpg

It turns out that Bruce and his Dad have been quietly building this model RR for nearly 11 years.  2-3 hours a night and he has filled in a ping pong table set complete with mountains and an underground mine with an N gauge train in it.


I love this scene…the bear crossing the shoal at the stream by the fisherman is too much.  Its nice to stumble across stuff you did as a kid still being done.  Bruce took it way over the top.  Nice work.  Now I have to go hit the model RR shows and figure out how to get someone to move out of their bedroom so I can do one too.  Keeeeeeeeding.

Pics by me with the trusty cell phone.  I’ll be back for more and better pics another time.

5 thoughts on “My little neighborhood find today…”

  1. I used to work for this company called They have all this model stuff available, really bizarre and specific stuff too.

  2. Thanks for the info and links, I knew they were there and this gave me the idea for a post in the Fall when the big Model RR show takes place out in Pomona at the Fairgrounds.

    N gauge has been an idea of mine for a while. I have some kids that need to move out and get through college so I have a spare room. ;)

  3. The childrens museum in La Habra has a wicked train set up in a back room, well worth the trip. And there’s old trains on the sid eof the building too.

    When I was younger we had a neighbor in La Puente who was a child molester and would try to lure kids into his garage to check out his awesome train setup. Luckily for me he was afraid of me (I was a 13 year old puck ass), but we never allowed my little sisters to go over there. His brother was also punched out by some cholo after he objected to him doing donuts in front of his house.

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