I Can See The Ennis House From Here – And So Are You!


If a group of fightin’ mad neighbors living adjacent to Frank Lloyd Wright’s Ennis House (indicated by the red arrow of god) get their way, this might be about as close as I get to seeing what $6.5 million in funds raised by the Ennis House Foundation can do to stabilize and restore the landmark residence — unless I rob enough 7-11s to buy the muthastructure.

In its post yesterday, Curbed LA referenced this article in The Architect’s Newspaper about a group of Los Feliz residents living near the place who are pretty much totally opposed to the idea of the vast unwashed masses trekking in droves — organized or not — up winding Glendower Avenue to gaze in awe upon and within the Mayan-inspired domicile completed in 1924.

Sure, in the above image the house is 2.6 miles away as the Googlebird flies, but she looks great, doesn’t she? I’d offer you my binoculars if you were standing next to me in the backyard but instead you’ll just have to click the image to quadruplify it (and there’s a bonus cropped blowout with extra blur after the jump for you to marvel at the abject lack of detail).


From an historical perspective, back in 1991 when the house’s then-owner Gus Brown hosted regular tours, I had the privilege of going on one and it was far from the havoc that today’s neighbors are so afraid of. The small group of visitors parked at the Greek Theater and boarded a small bus that shuttled us up for a walk-through and back down. Easy, peazy, architeazy.

Here’s hoping the foundation and the neighbors can get together on some sort of compromise that will allow me to once more revisit a little more up-close and personal this architectural marvel in its freshly revitalized state.