Four car pileup at Hollywood and LaBrea


Fortunately, three of the cars appear to have been parked, and the only fatality appears to be one parking meter. A second parking meter was injured.

From what I could ascertain at the scene, about an hour ago the driver of a Lexus hatchback lost control of their car while turning right Hollywood Blvd. from LaBrea. The vehicle rammed it into the back of a parked Kia mini-SUV , with the Lexus coming to rest halfway on the sidewalk, knocking over a parking. In turn, the hit Kia lurched forward, striking the rear of a grey sedan. The grey sedan was pushed forward, coming to rest against a palm tree but not before hitting a white sedan ahead of it, and sideblinding a parking meter.

Coincidentally, this all occurred two doors down from the military recruiting center where ANSWER LA is planning a protest this afternoon.

DSC00006.jpg DSC00009.jpg

DSC00012.jpg DSC00016.jpg

Anyone care to guess on a damage estimate?

The whole set here.

4 thoughts on “Four car pileup at Hollywood and LaBrea”

  1. If you go the flikr set, you may notice that this pile-up takes place in front of Survival Insurance. Oh, the sad, sad irony.

  2. Best guess, 4 cars, multiple body panels, obvious unibody damage at least 15K not including rental cars. The buick in front is likely a close total given its age.

    The irony is funny. The sad part is that survival tends to sell assigned risk and minimal limits policies and if it is one of their customers that caused the accident with such a policy that 5K is not going to go far. Hope the others all have collision so they aren’t out of luck completely.

  3. my dad owns an auto body shop in inglewood. if they are not too afraid of inglewood (or if they are armenian, which is highly likely judging from the accident) i can get them a sweet discount.

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