Day 1 & 2: TroutWatch


OK so… it didn’t take long for me to realize that looking for fish is a lot like fishing for fish, except without the boat and the beer and the fishing pole and the beer. And the intense boredom. Oh, there’s boredom, but it’s just in smaller doses. For the last two days since announcing my intention to bicycle-stalk a pair of steelhead trout seen swimming in Ballona Creek near Overland Avenue, I’ve been prowling its north bank to and from work between Duquesne and Sepulveda in the morning and from Inglewood Avenue back to Duquesne in the later afternoonage hoping to see a telltale fin or splash in the water.


By all means, stuff is happening. There was the mysterious movement of the red shopping cart that somehow migrated almost a quarter mile downstream between Monday evening and Tuesday morning. And I’ve seen a lot of ducks. And gulls. And crows. And taggers. And what’s most cool is that there are these great hordes of tiny airborne insects that you don’t see until you pedal right through the thick of a great hovering mass of ’em and the ones you impact all hang onto you for dear fly life to your clothes and arms and head and eyebrows and nose hairs and if you’re so inclined toward mouthbreathing (which I am when I’m pedaling most places), your lips, teeth, and tongue. No, they do not taste like chicken. TMTH? Sry. Srsly.

Anyway, I do my best to avoid those flyguys, but one place I make sure not to miss is the ped/bike bridge west of Overland where the steelhead were first spotted (and photographed) last Friday by the midstream manmade reef that looks to be either a collapsed Plummers armoire or maybe an IKEA entertainment center. Whenever passing the bridge I make it a point to pitstop in the middle and gaze from either side down into the green waters, hoping for a miracle.

So far, nothing. Go fish.

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