A Visit To Angels Spring Training

Well yesterday was fun.  Tiring but fun.  In honor of my Dad’s birthday I took him to Angels Spring Training in Arizona.  It was a hoot.  In front of a sold out crowd, over 8000 fans strong, the Angels beat the Brewers 11-4.

This was my first time to Spring training, and a couple of impressions and more pix after the jump.

First, a ton of families especially dads and sons and grandsons were there.  Young kids too.  I think it’s spring break for a lot of schools.

There were a lot of peeps from Wisconsin.  I tried to get a good let’s go Angels *clap, clap*, *clap, clap, clap:* a couple of times, with no such luck.

A ton of peeps were trying to get things signed.  The whole first base line was packed with fans looking for a signature.

The players were kindest to kids.  Throwing extra balls into the stands and helping out the next generation get into the game.

Fans were overwhelmingly white and well to do.  This was a luxury — it took us a trip to get there and it was in the middle of the day.  Not too many working class families can consider that.  Regular Angels games are far more diverse that this crowd.

The stadium was very intimate.  No bad seats, but the rows were cramped.  There was a lot of places for watching in the outfield on the lawn and it was nice to walk around.

It was a great day and a good excuse to spend some happy time with my dad.  Now I’ll need to figure out some day trip to go with my mom.  :)

A couple more pix of me being geeky at the park here.

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  1. To me they will always be the Anaheim Angels, but since they have LA in the name, I guess the LA Metblog can cover them.

    BTW: Go Titans, Beat the Badgers!!

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