Monday Bullets: Pinch Yourself

  • obamhs.jpgDirty Hot Hotel reminds us that it’s St. Patrick’s Day, points us to festivities at Pershing Square, and assures us that we can get lucky if we just stop throwing up all over ourselves. Ahh.. I miss college.
  • Feet First made her famous green cheesecake to mark the holiday. She wants to celebrate St. Pat’s coinciding with Holy Week by partying in sackcloth and ashes. Cue: lightning.
  • Johnny is a Man / And He’s Bigger Than You spots Jamie Farr at the Burbank Airport, and doesn’t say hello.
  • Kareem Abdul-Jabbar emails Barack Obama. They talk diplomacy, basketball, and plans to install a hoop on White House grounds. Awesome.
  • And City Elf has a nightmare that she is married, then dreams about her Dyson vacuum. That sucks.

Photo from Kareem’s blog