Hey Los Angeles, We Still Have A Space Telescope To Name

glastlogo.jpgThree weeks ago I challenged you to come up with an LA-centric name for a Space Telescope, currently called GLAST, that will be launched into space in May. (Full recap of my earlier post here.) The brief recap from NASA:

GLAST is designed to probe the most violent events and exotic objects in the cosmos from gamma-ray bursts to black holes and beyond. “We’re looking for suggestions that will capture the excitement of GLAST’s mission and call attention to gamma-ray and high-energy astronomy,” says Alan Stern, associate administrator for Science at NASA Headquarters in Washington DC. “We hope someone will come up with a name that is catchy, easy to say and will help make the satellite and its mission a topic of dinner table and classroom discussion.”

We have until March 31st to send in a name for consideration. And remember, we get a certificate just for participating! To see suggestions already made, click on through to the other side.

The suggestions so far, in no particular order:
The Gamma Gamma Hey
The Bukowski
The Bradbury
The Reggie
Thetan I

Put on your thinking caps and let’s get this thing named! For all the NASA details, go here.

(Image of the GLAST Logo is in the public domain.)

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