What pet peeve would you like to ask a cop?

cops.jpgA few weeks back I ran a quick post regarding my local PIO telling me I wasn’t the mediaI have gotten all sorts of offers for press passes and “ride alongs” with a few local cops.  With my never ending quest for knowledge I’ve started taking them up on the offers.

Monday I may very well be riding with an officer or two.  What sort of questions would you like to ask a cop?  We see it all the time in the comments here people ranting about the bad driving and parking in LA.  It would seem that is the very bane of our existence.   Tell me what you want me to ask and I’ll do it and post it all here next week.

Pic by me, gets a bit bigger with a click.  For you techie photo nerds like me who might care, it was post processed from raw with Photomatix Tonemapping and Virtual Photographer.

16 thoughts on “What pet peeve would you like to ask a cop?”

  1. I would like to know if it is possible to enforce DEQ standards?

    For example, a car with legit tags that nevertheless billows smoke/foul exhaust is clearly somehow compromised. Same with some of the older big trucks with the heavy soot they blow out.

    Are these automobiles not outlaws in operation if clean emissions are the law?

  2. Good question. Also to toss in is those with illegal mods, like lights, too high or too low bumper heights, dropping the cats and changing the emission output id reducing back pressure reducing the effectiveness of the cat.

  3. Ooooh, fun. Try to also do a helicopter ridealong one day. Super fun!

    I’d be interested to find out if the cops believe there is a black-Latino gang problem and why.

  4. More than anything, why don’t they ever enforce the “slower traffic move right” law?? Especially on the 110..

  5. If they’re local cops, I’d like to know how they think the average person sees them? Is there an feeling of “us versus them”?

    Where do they notice racism? Or class issues? Does it play a part within the department?

    Does immigration status play any part in their interaction with the community?

    Do they live within the community?

    Do their kids go to public school?

    Is there anything obvious which the community needs?

    Bonus question:
    Should private citizens carry a Taser?

  6. 1) I’ve always wondered if race was considered when filling positions for patrol officers in the communities that they serve? Seems like a silly question & a direct response would probably be considered prejudiced. Years back I did observe a few patrols in Monrovia wherein one person was white and the other black…which doesn’t seem to be the case today. A female officer is brought to a site when a female offender is involved due to the possible legal ramifications (I assume) & so I’m wondering if it applies in each angle?

    2) Tinted windows – they’re not legal or maybe I just don’t know the guide lines. I’ve seen drivers over the years that have DARK TINTED WINDOWS AND CONTINUE TO HAVE DARK TINTED WINDOWS! They may be driving a mercedes, etc…I DON’T HAVE ANY TINTED WINDOWS due to getting tickets years ago with my Malibu, my Supra & my old volkswagon! Are they not illegal! (?)

    3) By the way…do we have such things as Truant officers?

  7. Do you really feel that giving black/brown kids tickets for every single infraction (that are not normally given to wealthy or white kids) does anything beyond make them lose their respect for law enforcement and pull them towards criminal behavior? Why

    Do you believe in applying the “broken windows theory” to your policing? How well do you know this theory? Do you feel the informal policing part (which is noted by the authors as integral) serves a purpose in your job? Why or why not?

    Why is it OK for cops to tailgate minorities to the point where they virtually drive them off the road? Do you think that when you pull over a brown/black guy and give them a ton of trouble for nothing that they are not going to be resentful towards you, or that a community this occurs in frequently will not harbor a collective hostility towards you?

    Do you know that every original LA black/chicano gang was formed as a reaction to white/civic hostility and violence? And if so why is hostility and violence the only methods used to deal with gangs when it was the root cause?

    Why dont you guys use signals, or park where right?

    Blocking 2 lanes of traffic to flamboyantly pull in front of and scare an 11 year old brown kid (or 40 year old wino)on a bike is not within the best interest of public safety, neither is pulling anyone over who honks at you for driving like an idiot.

    Why do you guys talk on your cellphone all day while driving?

    Why do you guys have to automatically act like a jerk to every young brown person who wants to ask you a few questions and treats you respectfully? Why do you act as if that brown guy (me, dressed in a business suit)trying to as you about the community you’re serving is some ex con with a knife in his hand, and then when my non-threateningness is established then treat me like some ivory tower know nothing intellectual who is just trying to waste your time by asking where the bad areas are?

    Why do you guys act like you are super busy when a local asks for some help but then have all the time in the world to harass adolescents?

    Why do you guys (law enforcement and policy makers) continue with gang/violence prevention methods that have not worked, and then act as if it some kind of “cleaning house” to enact policies or actions that failed decades ago?

    Why do police in black/brown communities over hype the racial tensions and ignore the racial unity? why do sherriffs and prison workers purposely instigate racial beefs to control prisoners when it has had dterimental consequences on the streets?

    Do 95% of all cops have tiny genitalia? If not, then why do they behave like it?

    What in your opinion is the solution to gang problems?

    Why dont you guys recognize that flashing your sirens to cross a red light is both dangerous and undermines the law you are enforcing?

  8. i’m really interested in knowing how you were able to get the ride along. did you go through the background check via brenda benton to receive an LAPD press pass? what reasons did they grant you permission?

    also, i would like you to ask the cop what is their problem/bad attitude towards photographers when we photograph them on the street. in all my experiences, they have been nothing but belligerent, harassing, and threatening — including the possibility of arrest while doing nothing illegal. on top of that, as soon as i said they could speak to my lawyer they backed off immediately and just gave me dirty looks from then on.

    it’s our right to photograph them, and they know this. however. they try to intimidate us from doing so.

  9. Ask about the cheesy facial hair. Do these guys really think the Magnum PI mustache adds an allure of bad ass? And then go one further, What is with the mandatory cop mustache, firefighter foo man cho facial hair? I just don’t get it. Public safety officers seem to be hung up on the facial hair–is that because under the uniform they are wearing t shirts that read ” mustache rides 25 cents?”.

  10. Grettings from PS…here for my 10 year olds basketball tournament.

    Discarted, you asked a lot of interesting questions. I’m getting press passes by agencies contacting me direct, some by PIO’s who read the post. In short I haven’t had to seek them out they come to me based on the post I put up asking if a blog writer is media. Go figure, it is adding to some interesting life experiences and I am grabbing them.

    Sarbal…you crack me up, ‘stache rider shirts indeed!

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