We’ll pay more for trash so that we can get more cops.

Los Angeles GarbageAll I know is that my LADWP bill includes charges for “a solid resources fee, which includes refuse, recyclables, yard trimmings, and bulky items” and that we generate exactly one garbage bag full of trash a week (quite a bit of recyclables, though).

L.A. trash fees may go up to $38

You may see trash fees go up once again in Los Angeles.

Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa says the hike is needed to hire 1,000 more police officers. The city has already raised monthly trash fees from $11 to $26 over the last two years to pay for the ongoing expansion of the L.A. Police Department.

Officials are contemplating a proposal to raise the fee to as much as $38 a month.

Photo by Omar Omar, used under Creative Commons

6 thoughts on “We’ll pay more for trash so that we can get more cops.”

  1. That’s just wrong. I’d be more willing to pay it if they just sent out a city bill with all the separate taxes listed, so we know exactly how much we are paying for a service. And so we can refuse to pay it, ala anti-war tax protesters. Coming next: the Bear Patrol Tax.

  2. HEll, let’s just add up all the issues on which they threaten to take away all our cops.

  3. I love cops and the funding thereof, but this is BS.

    Why aren’t increases like this subject to a VOTE by the citizens who will end up paying these bills?

  4. So now the city of LA uses trash fees to hire cops instead of garbage men? Is that a statement about the LAPD or the citizens?

  5. Good point ruth and blueline.

    Amount of trash I accumulate in one week: 1 bag.
    Number of weeks it takes me to fill up my trash bin: 6-8
    Number of times I’ve called police for various neighborhood problems: 4
    Average number of hours it takes them to respond: 4

    Paying the same amount for trash pick-up as a family of 6 down the street: Priceless

  6. Good God no!

    WTF does trash have to do with police officers?, and didn’t it go up last year; like two time already?! What I want to know is how some people don’t pay this tax or how they do it (people with Edison instead of DWP).

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